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Mark A. Jones

President, Managing Partner

A30-year veteran of financial services, Mark brings investor relations skills and analytic strengths to the firm while utilizing his extensive experience in tax and estate planning, wealth management, and comprehensive insurance for high net worth clients.


Mark prides himself in having built the diverse team of professionals that has allowed the firm to continually meet the evolving needs of his clients. “We’ve been a party to an incredible period of time in history. From an economy of boon to bust and back, we’ve seen our clients’ businesses change, we’ve seen tax laws change, and we’ve seen fundamental change in what clients believe it takes to achieve their goals. We’ve responded with fastidious professionals who have largely been shaped by the new realities of finance in a news-hungry, information-rich world and provide the counsel needed to allow our clients to act with clarity and confidence.”


Having worked with clients through growing their businesses, realizing the fruits of those labors, and planning for their family’s future, Mark has found himself personally invested in far more that the bottom line. “There’s a great level of commitment that comes with having worked with clients throughout the many stages of their business and personal lives. It is truly satisfying when we are able to witness a client’s ultimate success and know that the team has contributed to the realization of one’s dreams. It’s a powerfully rewarding experience.”


Mark knows a thing or two about realizing dreams himself. The original founder of the firm, Mark has grown SIMA into a thriving, full-service financial solutions boutique over the last three decades. “I sought out fresh, visionary talent that would continue to seek solutions for business owners and provide a platform for their continued growth. Today we have a dynamic professional team that works with clients in a very personal way. The firm is what I imagined it would be.”


Mark is responsible for global economic analysis, strategic asset allocation models, risk evaluation, and investor relations. He strives to bring tremendous value to his clients as a tax expert, holding a master’s degree in taxation in addition to a bachelor’s in accounting. Residing in Richmond, Virginia where he and his wife Vanessa raise their two sons, Mark is an active member of his church, a former body building champion, and a dedicated golf enthusiast. Outside of his commitment to his family and his God, he is a businessman. “I thrive on the energy of my clients and their endeavors. It’s a privilege to be a part of their lives.”

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